Judging from what we know and observe, we can say that there is a duality in all planes of life from the smallest to the biggest. Black and white, night and day, sun and moon, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong, inhale and exhale, death and life…

For thousands of years, many philosophers, scientists and artists in many cultures thought about this subject and shared their opinions with the eternity of time. Yes, this is a game of nature. Duality makes us understand and cathegorize things. We can even see this situaiton in our heartbeats.  

Regarding this, when we think development as taking and getting benefits, we make a mistake. A man can not live if he only inhales. Or exhales… We understand that duality represents a completing process, not a polarizing one. Duality is fundamental for our world. We need the night. We need the dark in order to give value to light. Death tells us the value of life. Same roots and resons lie within the problems we live. Man is a part of this duality. That’s why we want to be more successful than our colleagues, we support a team, we fall in love with a man or a woman. That’s why the wars don’t end and we encounter conflicts in life. This experience will carry us beyond opposites. We need this kind of experience. Philosophers warn us about this and say: “Everything in life is just as it is supposed to be.” This life is ours with the good and the bad things. The important thing is to go beyond these opposites and create a magnificent turning principal by moving the magnetism of different poles. Nicola Tesla made this possible in his electrical engine, this should be seen in all the planes of life.  

History has given this duty to us. Whether we want it or not, this is the trial. It is not important that how much successful and magnificent we are individually. Collective union is the only key that makes us see the beauty beyond these opposites. I congradulate all of my friends who contributed to 10. International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival with the theme “Black& White Compromise” and made it possible for hundreds of artists creating almost hundred works, believing compromise beyond opposites. Thank you!

Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association Eskişehir Branch Manager