Black White Compromise is the determinative theme of this meeting. These two colours are used for being very common symbols of differences. Moreover, black and White are not accepted as colours and they are not. They are the names of the consequences created by light and darkness.

What is being tried to mean is, according to situation, there can be two different persons, two opposite ideas, two different benefits, two different minds, two different solutions, two different understandings etc.

If we talk about a compromise between black and white, then we can not say that one side is totally right and the other isn’t, also one side can not abandon itself for the sake of the other.

It is certainly not to reduce two different beings into one.

Compromise is to understand what these two sides are saying and living as they are and then, to expect that they reach a light not a conflict on the importance and value of these two differences.

This is the point in calling it a compromise.

So the paths to it will stay open as well as the arguement.

What we see, hear, taste and touch is the difference… In order to recognize light and dark, they need each other and they need compromise.
We shouldn’t forget that we can read books because they are written on white with black.
Besides, it is always said that being hostile to different colours and different identities is the reason for the society to lose its good properties.
But there is another attitude in the society that is also unapproved, being serious and despotic!
People in the neighbourhood avoid being seen as too much serious when being together with the people in cafes, groceries, shops. They always try to make each other smile with jokes and humor.
Even if they critisize each other, they do it with humor. So, the one who is teased doesn’t get angry, learns his lesson and gives an answer with a joke likewise. He can’t get angry because he has a concern about being judged of being immature.
If it happens within the same time and space, with the same people, it becomes an inherent tolerance. This is the theme repeated in movies and stories. This is an attitude created by the society in order to live together.
But unfortunately, from time to time, as an exception, we can see uncompromising individuals provoke their environment as a consequence of wars…
In these situations, we get bruises and scars. It is of course good for relieving our consciousness with jokes and humor when necessary.
It is useless to scratch and deepen it.