The 12th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival Begins

Eskişehir International Cartoon Festival is a cultural activity held every two years by Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association. This year, we are organizing the 12th of the festival, which started in Istanbul and has been continued in Eskişehir. In previous years; Karma (1997), East – West (2000), Water and Life (2003), Global Warming (2005), Intercultural Tolerance (2007), Energy (2009), Philosophy (2012), Volunteering (2014), World Heritage (2016), Black and White ‘Reconciliation’ (2018) issues were held. The theme of the 11th festival was Dissmilarity and Uniformity. 324 cartoonists participated in the festival with 1152 cartoons from 61 different countries. The festival was held online due to the pandemic.

The theme of the International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival, which we are organizing for the 12th time this year, was determined as “Migration”.

Within the voluntary work in many fields that has been carried out, Aktffelsefe offers a holistic path of development to the individual and the society itself. Throughout this path, it intends to provide some solutions to the problems of today’s world.

In this direction, the concept of ‘Migration’, which is simply defined as “moving from one place to another” but leaves a deep impact on both the individual and the society, constitutes the subject of the 12th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival.

Throughout history, the individual and the community have had to leave their country for many geographical, economic, social, political and religious reasons. This separation, which is defined as migration, has brought many effects on both people and places.

Migration, which can be considered as an equation with many unknowns, is one of the most current problems of our world. Today, people do not migrate for reasons that can be considered more innocent such as climate changes or famine, as in ancient times. This issue has reached a point that invites all citizens of the world to think. This issue has reached a point that invites all citizens of the world to think in a realistic way.

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of migration is not a one-sided concept. On the one hand, those who had to leave their regular lives for whatever reason, and on the other hand, the inclusion of people with different socio-cultural habits into the settled life style… Of course, countries have immigration policies and there are many legal regulations regarding immigrant rights. However, besides all of these, there is a great need to feel and understand deeply once again that we, as humanity, are beings living in the bosom of nature.

Two big questions about humanity; ‘where did we come from and where are we going? From a philosophical point of view, we can talk about a migration experience for each individual. We were all born and came from somewhere. We die and we go somewhere. Are we aware that we are guests in any location on the planet only for a temporary period? This planet is a home for all of us and we must remember once again the law that makes it vital in every sense: “Balance”.

Let’s remember that an event that takes place in one place concerns the whole. No matter what happens, the world always tries to return to the equilibrium point. Searching marginal solutions and imagining fantastic dreams while escaping the traps such as fanaticism and discrimination brought about by immigration will be a new, mental and conformist trap for us. Instead, we must bring to light a healthy balance first within ourselves as individuals and then among people all over the world as a large family. We can say that the fruits of all kinds of endeavor  that will be given in this direction will create a better life opportunity for everyone.

Let’s repeat the idea of ​​”A better person and a better world”, which we, as Aktiffelsefe, have been trying to build for 33 years, for our 12th International Cartoon Festival by examining the concept of “Migration” this year.

The works to be exhibited at this festival will be presented in different branch offices of Aktiffelsefe in different cities of Turkey such as Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Eskişehir, Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit, Mersin later. Also, they will be exhibited through other organizations in abroad with which Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association cooperates for the art-lovers.