People can’t find enough time for their daily works. It seems impossible to find time for volunteering activities which are very useful. Young people are busy on social networks and older people are busy in front of tv. If it continues like this, we have to look for social participation feeling in the museums. Maybe main purpose of every human is to change the life of millions and be effective and useful in their lifes.  But we don’t need this big purpose. If someone is effective in another’s life, then all people’s life will be developed. A woman sweeping in front of her neighbour’s door and a young man shoveling the snows on the roof of his old neighbour are saving the mankind. Kindness is infectious and it is infected. When these little but volunteering kindnesses gather together, people have reasons to apply social living rules. Apart from volunteering activities make us find more friends, they make us meet new people and I think this provides our self respect to increase both spiritually and mentally. When someone participates in volunteering activities, he creates a hero inside himself. He feels good about himself and he has a higher identity. Actually he does the biggest favour to himself. In the researches of the scientists, it is proved that these activities are against heart diseases and depression. It doesn’t matter that if you are an environmentalist or a cartoonist. Whatever you do, you can do some of your works without taking any money just to solve social problems. When a doctor goes to a far place as a volunteer, he actually becomes happy and he increases social cooperation among other people.
In the cartoon museum of Tabriz, one of the members always buys paper for the museum. Every month, young people clean the museum and all the work of a cartoon festival is done volunteerily. One of the members sends the cartoons to abroad and the other renews the website of Tabriz Cartoon Association. Activities which can’t be done maybe with thousand dollars, are done free with this volunteering cooperative soul and without taking any orders. Many problems are solved easily when there is enough reason and understanding to be together and work together. It doesn’t matter if it is for charity, a campaign for children with leukemia, organizing an entertainment and music program for patients… We only develop when we understand that we belong to each other.

Rahim Baghall ASGHARI