World Heritage

To talk about the existance of something is to be able to tell when and where it existed.

To define it better, we should know how long it existed there, where it waa before and even where it will be in the future. Location and time!

But for the man of today, all these concepts apart from being mental terms, come as fundamental existance issues such as a living environment, property and future assurance. Because…

If individual or society lose their coordinates in the universe, they lose their places and if they lose their milestones, they lose their time, also their historical existance, future assurance, their identity…

If today we talk about world heritage, cultural accumulation and cultural preservation so much, this is the reason of it.

Not because it passes from our ancestors to future generations! We need it today, that’s why. Just like land register, population surveillance…

Why do thousands of people everyday visit the museums with old artefacts and ancient sites with a couple of broken stones? Why do they take photos in front of them, buy souvenirs, why?

What is interesting is all of these movements are specific to our era. Because in older times, in a world that barely changes, man didn’t confront with place, time and identity issues so much.

As a result of immense developments in science and technology; the positive progress in transportation, communication and production has brought unexpected negative side effects with them.

Now we have bigger interaction, cultural corosion, monotone consumption based on monotone production, societies looking like each other as a result of globalisation, also identity problems and depressions.

New man having difficulty in defining his identity, as a consequence having difficulty in knowing and introducing himself; leads to old and tried solutions, to faith and nationalism. However, even if he has practical definitions through this way, he can’t reach peace and happiness he expected. He falls in the middle of controversy and violence. At this point, the need of going back to the origin of the problem and looking for natural solutions in art and culture activities comes forward with all its beauty and glory. With the duty of protection “World Heritage”, “Cultural Heritage” with authors, artists, education and accumulation…

Tan Oral