10th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival on Black & White-Reconciliation
The International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival, which is organized biennially by the Eskişehir Branch of Aktiffelsefe Culture Association, begins. The theme of the festival, the tenth of which will take place, has been determined as “Black & White-Reconciliation”.

287 cartoonists from 52 countries participated in the festival, which was held in cooperation with Eskişehir City Council, with 961 cartoons.
Important names such as cartoonist Tan Oral, Orchestra Conductor Ender Sakpınar, Lawyer Koray Candan, Aktiffelsefe Culture Association President Oya Uysal and Eskişehir Branch President Atakan Tamkan will attend the panel, which will be held at the Haller Youth Center as part of the festival.

The exhibition and panel consisting of works selected from the cartoons participating in the festival will take place on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 at 18:00 at the Haller Youth Center. The exhibition will remain open to visitors for 1 week.

You can reach our 10th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival catalog on Black & White Reconciliation from the link below: https://issuu.com/aktiffelsefe26/docs/karikatur_festivali