The theme of “PHILOSOPHY” was handled at the International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival, which was organized 6 years ago by Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association and 7 of which was organized in cooperation with Anadolu University.

The Cartoon Exhibition, which was opened on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, can be visited until 30 November 2012 at Anadolu University Education Cartoons Museum. This year, the festival titled ‘Philosophy’, with 137 cartoonists from 38 different countries, participated with a total of 444 works. 65 works selected by the organizing committee chaired by Tan Oral are waiting for art lovers at the Cartoon Museum.

Cartoon Museum overflowed due to the intense interest in the opening.

Ömer Faruk Günay, Deputy Governor, and Vice-Chancellor of Anadolu University, to the opening of the exhibition. Dr. Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Dean of Anadolu University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Dr. Recai Dönmez, Dean of Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts. Bilgehan Uzuner attended. Speaking at the opening, Education Caricature Museum Director Asst. Assoc. Sadettin Aygün, expressed that they are happy to carry out such an organization with Aktiffelsefe as Anadolu University.

There was a long queue for the Concert, Dance Show and Panel at Anadolu University.

After the opening, a panel on ‘Cartoon and Philosophy’ was held at Anadolu University Congress Center. At the panel, cartoonist, architect, writer Tan Oral, Aktiffelsefe Association Chairman Oya Uysal as a speaker, cartoonist Giannis Geroulias, who attended as a guest from Greece, Professor from Anadolu University Faculty of Education. Dr. Bahadır Gülmez, cartoonist İzel Rozental and Aktiffelsefe Eskişehir Branch head Ezgi Uzgel Özkan as moderators. Before the panel, AFMA Music Group’s opening concert and Aktiffelsefe volunteers held a modern dance show on Plato’s Cave Mythology.

Festival Consultant Tan Oral, in his speech on the panel, said: ” Cartoonists draw the sun in black ink and draw the Sun. The common point of caricature and philosophy is the feeling of curiosity. In the age of human being, he encounters the fact that life is finite and for the rest of his life, he chooses to either escape or overcome it. Philosophy and cartoon art are used as a good way for both, “he said.

Aktiffelsefe Association President Oya Uysal said, “All people are students who seek answers to their questions in life, philosophy is a way of life and is an action process that realizes what it thinks is not just thinking. Everyone’s common quest is correct, but everyone’s method is different. The practical advice of philosophers in finding the truth is to act with permanent values ​​in life. ”

Giannis Geroulias said in his speech: “Philosophy and cartoon are like a football game, it is necessary to think before drawing cartoons, the winner of the match is philosophy. Philosophy and cartoon art are after the ideal and both exist in societies with freedom of expression. ”

Prof. Dr. Bahadır Gülmez said in his speech: “Cartoon art is” Smiling Thinking “. “The cartoon directly and clearly addresses the art lover and calls him to think.”

Cartoonist Izel Rozental; ” Philosophy is a much more serious task compared to cartoon, Philosophy is like a man dressed in a stylish tuxedo, and cartoon is like slippers he put on his feet. Philosophy can make much wider inferences based on the humor highlighted in cartoon art. ”

Moderator Active Philosophy Eskisehir Branch yön.kur.başk NEW Melodies if Ozkan After summarizing the ideas of speakers November 3rd is celebrated as the day philosophy all over the world by UNESCO Thursday and said that this proposal had been made by Turkey. He said that they chose the subject of the festival held in November as Philosophy.

Cartoonists from Istanbul expressed their great satisfaction with this interest in art in Eskişehir and left the city.