The first festival (1997), “East – West” themed festival (2000), “Water and Life” themed festival (2003), 4. Festival (2005), 5th festival on “Intercultural Tolerance” (2007), 6th Festival on Energy (2009) was held with the participation of cartoonists from different parts of the world. In 2012, we organized the 7th Cartoon Festival in Eskişehir on the subject of “Philosophy” in cooperation with Anadolu University. (561 cartoonists, 1651 works in total from 38 countries)

This festival, which will be named as the 8th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival, will be organized by Aktiffelsefe Culture Association as in previous years and Anadolu University and Anadolu University Research and Application Center Education Caricature Museum, which is one of the universities worldwide, will participate as a stakeholder in this festival. will make important contributions.

The subject of the International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival, which we organized for the eighth time this year, was chosen as “Volunteering”.

Aktiffelsefe proposes a holistic way of development that can enable both the society and the individual to create solutions to the problems of the modern world in general, through voluntary work in different studies.

In this context; We are carrying out voluntary campaigns in order to revive people’s emotions such as volunteering, solidarity, solidarity, generosity, to help those in need in our society, to integrate people and to direct them to beneficial activities for society.

We are carrying out these campaigns with GEA (Toprak Ana), the subgroup of Aktiffelsefe. In addition to GEA Social Responsibility Projects, we are always ready with the Search-Rescue-Ecology activities, as the GEA Team conducts search-and-rescue operations to reach people who have been subjected to debris after disaster in all national and international life-threatening disasters. we organize medical and humanitarian activities. In addition to all these, we bring together toys alone with children through “New Friends Only Toys” campaigns, we bring alone instruments with children through “New Friends Only Instruments” campaigns. Sacrifice! We organize school renovations with the “Realize” campaigns. In ecology studies, we organize activities such as cleaning parks, forests, squares, afforestation campaigns, nature walks to discover and respect nature.

Because we know that; With “Volunteering”, we can beautify the society, nature and the world we live in, feel the warmth of human beings and meet our human dimension again. Volunteering is a hand extension from the heart, a call out, speech of the hearts and unforgettable moments.

Since we know that the problems start with and can be solved with people, it is necessary to focus on working on how to meet the physical, psychological and mental needs of the human and to empower people in these plans with practical applications. Increasing the cognitive level of the human will be reflected in the living spaces and the way they live. We know that the world no longer needs superheroes, but daily heroes, and we think that volunteering activities will turn people into heroes.

It will also be celebrated as World Volunteers Day on 5 December 2014. Within the scope of these celebrations, there will be exhibition visits on the subject of “Volunteering”.

As Aktiffelsefe Culture Association, we expect different comments from all cartoonists on the subject of Volunteering.

works will then be exhibited in this festival, Istanbul, Turkey, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir, Adana, Antalya, Van, Bursa, Izmit, Mersin, Aydin, branch in Manisa province and Aktiffelsef Cultural Association’s organizations via organized by other organizations that collaborated abroad and will be presented to the attention of art lovers. Anadolu University and Education Cartoons Museum will also be able to exhibit their works in international Cartoon Museums.

We invite you to attend the 8th International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival, which will be held in Eskişehir on 02 December – 30 December 2014, with your valuable works.


1) EXHIBITIONS: Exhibitions on “Volunteering” will be held on 02 December – 30 December 2014, which is the subject of the Cartoon Festival. As in previous festivals, more than 200 leading cartoonists are expected to participate in our festival exhibition.

2) PANEL: An interdisciplinary study is created on the same theme by holding a symposium on “Volunteering” with the participation of the guests in the fields of art, science and philosophy.

3) CONCERT: The concert of the AFMA music group will take place.

4) THEATER SHOW: Aktiffelsefe Theater group show on volunteering