Cultural heritage is 3-D documents that define the collective memory of mankind. Concrete heritage elements such as monuments, archaeological sites and abstract heritage elements such as ceremonies, rituals, traditional dance, local productions are values that constitute the cultural heritage and its richness.

In recent years; natural disasters, global climate change and wars in different parts of the world threaten the cultural heritage that inspire mankind and lead to the loss of collective memory.

Rhetorical speech is ineffective in describing the destroying effects of wars that aim “sacred architecture” and natural disasters that have widening effect area on cultural heritage and its users.

Therefore, perhaps the most effective way to draw attention to this subject and make people think is “Cartoon- The art of drawing that has meaning”.

This year 9th. Cartoon Festival with the theme “World Heritage” which is organized by Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association provides the possibility to describe the destruction towards three dimensonal art by the way of art in a suitable manner that corraborates with the purpose and mission of our association.

Thanks to everyone who corraborated.

Zeynep Gül ÜNAL
Manager of ICORP Turkey