How do we price being a human? How can a person enrich his heart? What kind of a consciousness is it to be beneficient socially? I think the meaning of voluntariness is closely related with all these questions. Because voluntariness is a powerful sign of communicating and the effort to give a meaning to this world. It is important to see the world as the product of human, not the activity field in which people always communicate with each other. Because the world we live in is the product of actions.

Regarding economical problems, climate changes, big crises, environment and health issues, not only international frame but also local frame is getting stronger, developing and long term and short term volunteering programs are developed. Because inequalities are very common all around the world. Then voluntariness contributes human to know his face behind the medallion.

Voluntariness can change human life:Connecting, working, striving are not things to underestimate because these are consciousness to live together as a way of life and enjoying life. But it is not only about imagination, it is a difficult task that requires patience, determination and creativeness. When we examine volunteering programs, we see that the volunteering people or groups change in a short time because they are inside the life practically. They know their boundaries and they push them. They lived helpfulness not as an idea, but as an action. Feeling that you are beneficial is a very good thing. It is very strong peace and charity. Of course it makes you look at the facts of the life in a different way. Moreover, the word “share” is used, or rather consumed so much that it has to be redefined.

I think we shouldn’t forget this:A window is opened from voluntariness to solidarity: Solidarity is a social bond of initiative. Voluntariness is also a feeling of solidarity, it can change conceptions as well as actions. It gets richer with the conceptions of participation, working together and integration. Then voluntariness is a virtue. It is doing something good for the other, wanting to do it and being in action. It requires service, labor, love and it doesn’t look for benefit. Isn’t this volition to see the truths consciously and live them?

Bahadır GÜLMEZ