Aktiffelsefe is an NGO which works for 27 years to develop solutions to our world’s problems which are constantly increasing. Aktiffelsefe sees not discriminating the thruth from the false and the decisions made by people as the reason of the problems and tries to draw the attention to man himself with philosophy and psychology seminars. Our association acts with the vision of “Better man for a better society”. Its mission is to practise universal and permanent VALUES in society with cultural and volunteering activities.

With this vision and mission it tries to reach to hundreds of thousands of people through different ways such as conferences, exhibitions, contests and art shows. It keeps on serving society with volunteering activities under the name of GEA in order to be the part of the solution it mentions. It keeps on healing the wounds in society with search and recue, ecology and social campaigns.

The themes of our International Cartoon Festivals which are organized every two years since 1999 have been chosen as East-West, Energy, Tolerance, Water and Life, Global Warming.

Regarding the increase of violence in the world, it has become much more important to support the art of humor which makes us smile while making us think. The art of cartoon will keep on being the mirror of the age while developing alternative solutions to reach harmony.

With this point of view, our 9th. International Cartoon Festival with the theme “World Heritage” will meet with artlovers. It is valuable that the culture which we name as concrete or abstract accumulated experiences which are the collective consciousness of mankind to be the starting point of the children of the future. It is our duty to protect our origins that give the identity to our history and humanity in order that the future will be better.

I congradulate all our volunteers who corraborated in the festival, our chairman Tan Oral and the directors of Eskişehir Chapter and thank them to support humor with courage. Let the festival with the theme “World Heritage” be our present to mankind. Enjoy.

Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association General Manager