While the intellect of mankind which brought him to this level of civilization keeps on serving him, the instinct of possesing and consuming has been going on for 5000 years. In other words, mankind produce and consume at the same time. Even if natural balance requires this, the evolution of the consuming habits of our era into madness makes us more consuming than producing.

Mankind first constructed himself at the beginning of its 5000 years existance. He learned to use tools, then he started to produce. All his instinct at the first was to survive. In order to do that, he should pay attention to nature, environment and other living beings. He seek shelter in caves and then cottages to feel and be safe. He had rituals and habits depending on experiences. When he started to push his boundaries, conflict and progress began. He learned to pay attention also to his own kind.

My purpose is not to give a lecture about the history of mankind of course.

What I mean is, the heritage created by mankind during 5000 years is under a threat which it never have faced before.


The theme of this year’s festival which is organized by Aktiffelsefe Yeni Yüksektepe Cultural Association and Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality was selected as “World Heritage”.

There is no need for me to state how much I’m happy to collaborate in this festival as someone who opened his first cartoon exhibiton during his secondary school years and who has been drawing cartoons for all of his life.

I know how difficult it is to be able to tell the story of mankind “the story of us” which we commonly created from the first man to tha last in one square as Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality who knows the effect and the spirit of the cartoons. But the power of the cartoon lies just there. Cartoon tells in one square the truth you try to tell in hundred, thousand paged boks and documentaries lasting for hours.

I’m sure that the 9th. International Eskişehir Cartoon Festival with the theme “World Heritage” will support to protect the common heritage of humanity which is under threat by disasters, wars and consuming madness.

Cartoon is lots of things, but most of all it is hope.

As long as there is humanity, there will be hope and as long as there is hope, there will be humanity. I thank everyone who supported this festival.

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen
Mayor of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality