In Criminal Procedure Law, compromise institution which has been developed to protect the rights of the aggrieved and integrate the perpetrators into society is a process in which aggrieved and perpetrator with the help of an unbiased third person participate actively in the solution of the problems that have occured because of the crime. Main mentality of the compromise depends on the agreement about eliminating the loss of the aggrieved. These kinds of applications provide that the aggrieved reach their rights in a faster and more efficient way. Besides, this compromise institiution can transform the justice system from a punishing structure to a cooperative structure. Participation in the compromise depends on being voluntary for both of the sides. This process also contributes the development of problem solving methods and effective communication. It is obvious that the judgement system can not stay behind in a continuously developing world. Compromise system supports a development towards a field where mutual understanding is valid.

It is tried to reach the ideal in criminal procedure law as in every field. Even if criminal procedure law is an application in law, it needs the support and point of view of the art and the artists to reach the ideal. As Albert Camus said: “If the world was a bright place, there wouldn’t be art.” The point of view of the art will take the law and institutions in law like compromise to perfection. It is certain that Cartoon Festival with the theme Black&White-Compromise will contribute to the development of compromise institution with a different point of view.

I hope that art and law will always stand side by side.