Cartoon is curious like philosophy. It also diggs everywhere, tries to understand everything.  It looks for anything that is related to human in universe, then finds, exhibits and argues them. Cartoon likes problems, it likes knowledge. It very much likes to enter into the problems, never gives up digging its pen into black paint.

Black paint and problems never end. Because search for happiness never ends. Man can sometimes miss today while he longs for past and dreams about future. He tries to solve the problems in the meantime. But sometimes he fails. If he sees others like himself, then it means there is nothing to do except laughing at their efforts and what is happening. Laughing gives power. It opens up the mind. Laughing first spreads over lips, then it spreads over minds. Thought starts to breathe. Laughing happens for a short time actually, it hits and goes. But its effect continues. It saves the person from crushing and being crushed, being laughed at briefly.

Many things in science, technology, nature, politics, art and philosophy continue to change while the 20th century was left behind. In technology mechanism gave its place to electronics, in art modernism to pluralism, in politics publicism to individualism, in economics statism to free market. The passion of ruling nature gave its place to the thought of respecting nature. ‘The philosophy of living’ meaning the thought of reaching the order of values that comes from the depth of personal livings, even if they are non theoretical or irrational, filled the place of old arguements in philosophy. Apart from that, space which have given birth to science, philosophy and faith for thousands of years, is  being explored and conqured day by day, the reason of existance of living beings is being gradually controlled with the developing ‘gene’ technology. Communication lines are increasing and man, watching all these very closely in anxiety, moves between understanding all these and ignoring all these, man is having traumas.

Humor is curious about these and diggs them just like philosophy does. Moreover, humor softens the problems and makes them arguable.

Festival Chairman – Cartoonist