Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association which takes philosophy as a life style, continues to work with knowing that a better world will be established by the hands of people with better ideas. Regarding this, in the 7th International Cartoon Festival, reaching to people by the art of cartoon in which ideas are transferred in synthesis and inviting everyone to think are aimed.

Philosophy forces us to use the stairs of virtue while leading us to Reality. It encourages to see what is universal and eternal behind art, science, beliefs and life styles on its path. It makes Macrocosmos understandable while emphasizing man as a microcosmos. It makes us question our duties in globalisation while leading us to leave behind all the temporary elements that divides us in the modern world. Mankind learns how to be true by philosophy which gives true answers to true questions. In World Philosophy Day, I am here very glad to speak through philosophy which gives the honour to all mankind to stand up on animalistic instincts by the way of art that makes the seer and the creator of the cartoon think in these times when mankind needs to stand up again.

Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association General Manager